Barry Allen is a DC character. He is a Forensic scientist for the CCPD but he also acts as the hero known as THE FLASH.

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Speed force conduit- Barry Allen taps into a extra-dimensional energy known as the Speed force. When Barry is using his powers, he is tapping into excess energy the speed force creates and allows certain individuals to access. Edit

  • Superhuman speed: Barry is capable of moving at superhuman speeds. Moves so fast he is perceived as a blur. Proven faster then superman, in multiple issues, but directly confirmed faster by Flash #50(Flash War). Barry normally never goes his full speed due to mental blockers and fear of what it could do to space and time.
    • Superhuman momentum: Due to enhanced speeds, Barry can use a form of enhanced strength. This can allow him to exert inhuman levels of force. Such as penetrating through a wall made of steel.

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Gifted Intelligence-Darryl Frye calling him the best of the best. Barry shows expertise in a variety of ways.

  • Gifted Scientist-Barry developed the material for his suit in college. Graduating summa cum laude(Latin for with highest honors) with a bachelors degree in organic chemistry and a minor in criminology, Barry is one of the scientists you go to when you are in need, in the DC universe. He has shown feats in various STEM fields. Called in as leading expert on the speed force in the new 52.
  • Gifted engineer- Barry while claiming to be a scientist, and not an engineer has multiple feats that file under engineering. Designing the material into a suit shows chemical engineering knowledge, he shows knowledge of electrical engineering, material science, and aeronautics when he designs his earpieces to be able to let him hear at supersonic speeds. in Justice League rebirth, Barry is shown as having had made a car that can run off of the speed force.

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