Brian Finch is a character from the show Limitless. He is a normal person, until he takes a medication called NZT-48. making him one of the smartest people alive.

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  • Hypermind: While on NZT-48, Brian's mind is operating at max, this allows almost every brain function to be at a superhuman level of intelligence
    • Perfect recall: Brian can recall every memory he has. leading to him being able to remember things, that no one expects him to.
    • Deduction: He is capable of reading and deducing any situation, almost instantaneously, recognized casey was on NZT before anyone else did.
    • Enhanced Learning: Capable of learning 5 years of SWAT training in a day, Impressing the leader of the FBI's SWAT unit to the point where, he doesn't think finch should be training and is faking not knowing how to defend himself.

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